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Sup, I'm Makoto, half Japanese half Caucassian, 21yro and single ;). For those who may or may not remember I'm the Lan Evo rent car in this pic.

Why a Lenov- I mean, Lan Evo you say? I've always been a Lan Evo fan, my uncle had a Rally Red Evo I and I fell in love with it good old memories. I'd also watch how a certain Finn would send that Malboro monster flying on the course, no I'm not talking bout the F1 Flying Finn. All of these reasons made me want to own a Lan Evo someday. And so that takes me to this.

Her name is Ava, a 5spd MR. Out of all Evos this one is my favorite. Its underrated, its cheaper to maintain, has a bulletproof aluminium block and its angry eyes. It has it all. "But older evos are faster and its not a real Ev-" shhh, don't be an A80 fanboy and an A90 hater here, it is a real Evo, the stiffest and most rigid Evo I must add, all of this for 16k, I feel like I stole it as compared to other MT Evos this one is too cheap, comparing it to AT Evos there's examples as low as 12k, crazy right? That is until you remember E93's, 933's and E43's are on that price range too.
Anyways, I was going to the Kami Garage, guiding myself with this thing's satnav in this famous bit of alphast jungle that the west capital is known for within the hashiriya culture. The BayShore and of course the Loop

As someone who has only been living within Europe (specially in Madrid) driving in such expressway system is something new an- I got lost, I arrived late because I got lost, not because it was a new experience or some fairy tale shit, I got lost. Such a dumbass I know but I have an excuse, I'm used to drive on the right side, migi for those weaboos

(C1 Loop is the best road I've ever driven on I swear to God)

I eventually arrived, an hour late than I said I'd be but what can I do? The important thing is that I finally got to see my bros, a dream come true I guess.

A day or two passed since then. Muza(Niatross) and AJ(RBS13) had to go to Osaka to get some car and to meet some guy who's in the forums too. And so I had an idea.

-Yo Muza, mind if I take your S13?
-No probs, use how you like.
-How I like, are you sure?
-Yeah abuse it as you like Mac, its a drift missile after all.

Lets see how this thing handles then.

Pretty nice I must say, now time for the real A T T A C K (Photo bomb incoming)

(I'm a cunt, A proud cunt)

After that I left the PS13 on its place with its bumpers along side it and with a note on the windshield that says "Sorry, I'll get you a Mango Frapuccino from Starbucks when you get home"

And that's all. Nice to meet you all.

20000-16000 (Lan Evo)= 4000V$

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