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# Jesus Christ : need something? ask here! we'll try and get you a link :) if the stuff is released of course!
Hey there!
I'm new to the slrr modding community, came here because everything I have seen from others telling me about the game sounds like slrr is right up my alley.
Anyway I was wondering if you knew where i could get the following:
70s-80s-90s JDM cars (fc3s, cefiro, s110, march, you name it)
Aero parts like b wave, r magic, tbo, abflug, yours sports, etc
Any cool or JDM wheels with small diameter (16" and under)
Also some cool scenery mods to make my garage and or map look different would be cool
And some basic essential mods if there are any (height and fitment mod?)...

Thanks for your time,
Street Style!