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#149511   2018-09-21 22:51          
quicc update on the CRX

hello there,nothing much to update but here we go.
First i mounted the new exhaust that came in this morning,second i drove the car to register it.
It was success,im really glad my car passed the inspection.
I reorganised the stickers,i like it better this way!
Next thing to do,take a look at the Type X,and maaaybe do some more things to the crx who knows.
Anyway thats it,cya!
Took the car for a little spin,still needs alignment fix but eeh,drives nicely.
And yeah also,took some pictures...

Balance - 10.414V$
Registration - 800V$
New exhaust muffler - R1 TITAN - 300V$
Trip - 70V$
Total - 9.244V$
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