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#149467   2018-09-20 19:15          
# Niatross : Aye looking pretty good on the CRX!
# Sleepin mOnkey : crx looking sexy
# Nightrunner : CRX is coming together !

Ayy thank u bois a lot!

In the air tonight

Weeeell leets update u bois on whats been going on these days!
Little bit late on the updates because of my job,but i managed to take some time and write something about the cars.
I managed to fire the CRX up,it was some wiring problem we missed while assemblying the car,but its working well now.
It has a littlebit of smoke,but is there a Honda that doesnt smoke? lol
I probably will take it to the alignment and registration center this saturday and finally go for spin without a care!

Took it for a lil spin around the neighbour hood,drives pretty well!

Next thing i had to do is to remove the livery from the EG6,i also drilled the rear bumper,tell me what u think about it!
Im planning to do the new livery and get some new parts for it,but i wont drive it before the winter because i want it 100% ready for the next racing season! I also need to order new brake discs and pads for it and work slowly.

Next thing is about the 180sx,yesterday guy sent me a message that said: Hi,im selling this 180sx type x,i had an accident with it on the track and thats the reason why im selling it,i cant fix it and i need some money,i already sold all the custom parts from it,car is pretty much stock other than the wheels and coilovers.One of the wheels is destroyed,i replaced it with this steelie,engine stock sr20det,running good.So if u want to buy it,call me back so we can talk about the price!

I called the guy,talked a little bit more about the condition of the car aand i bought it!
I needed something to throw around and have fun with without much caring,so yeah...
Got it for 4.000V$,pretty cheap for this kind of a car if u ask me!
I went to pick it up and i stored it in the garage today,sadly i didnt take any more pictures of it,im tired a lot.

So yeah,thats it for today! I hope u like the update,tell me what u think about the new car!

Balance - 14.669V$
Trip to work by train - 35V$
180sx - 4.000V$
Hot air gun - 100V$
Gas for CRX - 120V$
Total - 10.414V$

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