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# Nightrunner : ooooooffff , really nice .
thanks boi!


Well first thing to say is im sorry,i couldnt update the stuff on the rex last night,i was so tired but here we go.
I combined two updates,one from last night and todays one.
Went to work,morning shift of course...
Came back from work,and went right into the work again lol!
Packed the stuff for the engine,boxes that i ordered from the internet and went straight to the shop where my crx is at.
We assembled the engine,but it couldnt start because of some wiring problems,i gotta sort that out.
So we left the engine as it is and got to the assembly of the new parts.
Ooh and i forgot to say,last night i painted the center of the wheels.

First,the front Laguna lip and the rear from the EF9 i got from ebay.
We got them on with couple of screws,they are sitting pretty nice!

Picture of the painted wheels,i also painted the calipers in a more lets say descreet black.

Aaaaaand the star of the show,and the most expensive part!
Custom made kevlar bonnet for the CRX,and the Mugen bonnet pins!!!

Also i changed the bumper indicators for the amber ones,i need to get some bright colors on the car.
I dont want to go too crazy with the build right now,because i sold the Silvia and i will daily the CRX.
Im going for something functional and to push it from time to time.
The guy who came to see the Silvia really liked it,we got a deal at the 11.500V$!
Tomorrow im going to remove the wrap from the race car EG6 and try to get this biiih started.
Gotta get the exhaust,i will try to find something in the middle price wise,noise wise.
Anyway,thats it i hope u like the update!
Some more pics:
Oh shit,almost forgot! The CRX original spoiler is just a test fit,i dont know yet if im going for the original or something aftermarket.

Balance - 4.836V$
Sold the Silvia - 11.500V$
Laguna lip - 100V$
Rear lip - 80V$
Kevlar bonnet - 1.262V$
Mugen bonnet pins - 200V$
Trip to and from work - 25V$
Total - 14.669V$
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