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Spongebob the CR-X ユ雲ヮ

OOOOffffff , Update on Spongebob already ? ! ? ! Okay , let´s go
So first , i´ve bought a set of used 15´´ Ronal Series - X wrapped in Toyo Proxes R888Rs 235/50/R15s all around .Then I went to a local Junkyard and i´ve found there set of bumper indicators , right Side headlight indicator and pretty cool CRX lip for front bumper . Let´s install them shall we ?

Style UP ! ! ! は哀つるゕ

Few bolt´s later the bumper indicators are on the bumper and bumper on the car .

After few minutes i´ve installed the lip too and put CRX on the ground .

Then i took her for a trip to my Uncle´s shop and damn , she drives like a totally different car now !

I also took some shots of Spongebob in the shop !

God damn , she looks much much muuuuch better now !

Close up on the wheel

At the end of the day i´ve found an empty parking lot ....

Well , that´s it for today my dudes ! I hope you´ve enjoyed my update !

CR-X Bumper Indicators - 40V$
CR-X Right Side Headlight indicator - 22V$
CR-X Lip For Front Bumper - 20V$
15´´ Ronal Series - X - 670V$

15 635.61V$ - 40V$ - 22V$ - 20 - 670V$ = 14 883.61V$

Paycheck - 750V$

14 883.61V$ + 750V$ = 15 633.61V$