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# Nightrunner : Oh boi , yes ! CanĀ“t wait for this swap OwO
Hype hype!

The K - DAY!

Well lets start bois!
First of all,i got a new job! YAAAY!!
The guy who is working on the junkyard offered me a job down there so i accepted it,it pays well,and im always around the car parts lol!
The new H&R coilovers for the CRX came in today,so i had to mount them and mount all the glass parts!
Ordered new parts for the REX,they sould come in tomorrow so i can reveal them!
I cleaned every glass piece so its shiny at least for a little bit lol.
Then i got a call from the Tokyo,some guy was interested in the Silvia,i told him to come by tomorrow to check it out!
Maybe i can sell it,who knows?
Finally i bought the oil and filter to change them,bought the new custom engine mounts and towed the CRX to the shop down the neighbourhood!

I got down there on time,noone was in the shop so we could get to the work right away!
We dissasembled the manifolds and the tranny,tranny was a bust!
Also the airfilter was in the bad shape,beyond repair so i bought a new one!
Went to the junkyard and bought new tranny,went back to the shop so we could get to the work!

Aaand after a lot of swearing we managed to get our shit together and mount the engine in!
While we were on the brake i got the idea to paint the wheels,so thats a next thing to do when i get my free time!

Engine is sitting pretty well,i wont need to cut anything,custom mounts are helping!

Car is currently sitting in the shop,parts are with me at home.
So later tonight i will go to the shop so we can mount them,set up the electronics and hopefully start up the car!

Thats it bois,i hope u like the update,i will update the painted wheels and mounted parts tonight so stay in touch!

Balance - 4.436V$
Weekly income - 750V$
Used tranny,but atleast working - 150V$
Motul Oil,oil filter - 80V$
K&N air filter - 70V$
Trip - 50V$
Total - 4.836V$
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