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#149186   2018-09-13 09:49          
Hello there,feeling kinda sick this week so im late on these updates,but here we go.
Sent the CRX to the paint shop yesterday,found the rear bumper too,so thats good.
It should come to my garage tonight painted,so i can get back to work.
Worked around the EG6,cleaned it a little bit and ordered some new parts for it.
Im also creating a new livery for the new season!
About the vert,i changed the gasket on the exhaust,its sounding fine now lol.
Thats it bois,bye!

Balance - 9.325V$
Bumper from the junkyard - 50V$
Exhaust gasket for the vert - 20V$
Parts for the EG6 - 900V$
Total - 8.355V$
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