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Red Lady 畏づゴ

Hello guys ! So , the EG is finally finished ( For now )
It looks a bit different than before , well a lot different : new paint , Type-R sideskirts , new SSR , interior bits .
Heres a little run down of the parts that are on the car at the moment :
Mod list :
Weber Carburetors
shaved engine bay
Tein Street Basis Z coilovers
Wilwood Dynapro 4 piston 275mm brakes
15´´ SSR Kei Office Dori Dori rims wrapped in
245/20 Bridgestone Potenza Tires
Ebay front lip
EK9 Type R sideskirts
JUN Type R spoiler
Type-R passenger seat
Bride Zeta III driver seat

Also Ymani asked me if i want to have my EG civic in his magazine . And guess what ? I´ve said yes !
Few days went by and here wer are on a photoshoot :

AND OFC some rolling shots of the car :

You guys gonna have to wait for his Magazine to see more photos of my EG !

Okay , enough of EG for now .... 2 days ago i´ve bought a new car , 1994 Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki in dirty Aspen White Pearlglow .

The car have fucked front bumper and fucked rear bumper bracket but i have some exterior parts coming for S14 from Niatross . To be exact , full S14 Zenki Navan bodykit !

Car is a little bit dirty but i´m gonna give her a wash tomorrow .

The engine , VVT SR20DET with a 5-speed manual gearbox runs perfectly !

But the interior is in amazing condition ! Littlebit of wear on steering wheel and seats but that´s totally normal .

Since i´m not working on DC5 for now because i´m waiting for parts from Honda and from one guy from Tokyo , i´ve moved her from the garage on the street for now

And parked S14 in garage .

That´s it for today guys , i hope you´ve enjoyed my update !

EG hatch parts :
Weber Carburetors - 300V$
15´´ SSR Kei Office Dori Dori rims - 750V$
245/20 Bridgestone Potenza Tires - 467.60V$
EK9 Type R sideskirts - 109.99V$
Paintjob - 700V$

21 103.45V$ - 300V$ - 750V$ - 467.60V$ - 109.99V$ - 700V$ = 18 775.86V$

1994 Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki - 3 500V$
Navan bodykit for S14 - 1 500V$

18 775.86V$ - 3 500V$ - 1 500V$ = 13 775.86V$

Sold :
15´´ Spoon Sports SW388 6.5J +35 4X100 - 2 320V$
R33 GTR wheels - 1 500V$

13 775.86V$ + 2 320V$ + 1 500V$ = 17 595.86V$

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