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Hello darkness my old friend

Well, it's been more than a few days, oops. I landed in Tokyo at the end of august but my R32 wasn't there yet, luckily the S14 was still in our shop so i did some hooning with it haha. Not before i had found Skip though, i was so happy to see him after almost half a year!! I was so amazed by both this fact and his Supra. Some parts of it seemed a bit too aggressive for me but overall it has a really cool style. After going on a cruise around Tokyo we stopped at his place and took a few quick pics of our rides. :)

As you might have seen on his thread, things done changed for him. He's been planning it for a while, just wait until he updates about it.

Last weekend was a blast, while i was still in Tokyo i met Radcoon at his sticker shop, he made some special stickers and merchandise for the R's meeting which was on this sunday, we met with Erwin and Mackay at the event on Fuji Speedway. It was stunning, i saw many beautiful Skylines and some famous people! It was a huge event, i'll tell you guys all about it but it won't be very soon. Have a good one! :)