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# Nightrunner : Hello guys , i´m looking for EF civic mod .

This is the only Honda Civic EF mod i found:

Added 47 minutes later:

# rook : yea i did check the box's, iv'e used the editor before but idk whats going on, i can see the motors in the engine kits but i can't build them.

Added 4 minutes later:

side note dose anyone have a link for the 1990 chevy silverado/GMC pick up, i can't find it in the DL section anymore.

Maybe the 2.3.1 version of SLRR is not compatible with your mods.Instead, try this version, i use it myself and it works (just don't go over 190 cars)
Or use this SLRR Editor

I have a link below, it's the 1990-1993 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra:
Also, i found the 1985 version

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