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Set of last night,finished the time on the track this morning,and god damn it was fun!
Went for a couple of laps to warm up the car,then pushed it hard for the personal record!
Huh where to begin,car responded well,to be true little too well...
I was used to snapping the steering wheel,but with this car,oooh...u cant do that!
I got used to it real quick and attacked the laptime finally!
After the 5th lap i felt the car lost its stopping power so i went to the pits real quick,and i found out that my brakes were like "fuck u,we out!"...
So yeah,no more driving today!
Of course car needs a good scrubby scrub again!
I left the car on the track after i checked everything else and went to the town with the vert,had some coffee with some old friends from Tsukuba.
Tonight im setting of back to Osaka,if someone is on the way let me know so i can come by!
Thanks for visiting,take care!


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