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Barn Find Time !!! 乙価ズヂ

Since i´ve sold yesterday mine RPS13 because i don´t drift anymore and i don´t know what to do with the car anymore.
I´ve sold her to my Uncles friend for 16 000V$ !! Wow .
But hey , it was really clean RPS13 with no rust and few mods that wasn´t that cheap lol !

BUT .... I´ve found on the internet one "barn find" that was listed for sale for 3 500V$ !

It´s really dirty Pre-Facelift 2004 Honda Integra DC5 Type-R !

As you could see , it´s littlebit crashed .

The engine looks fine but since the car was sitting outside for almost 2 years i´m gonna have to change oil and other fluids .

Interior seems to be fine but it´s a littlebit dirty .

Let´s start her , shall we ?

First time ....... nothing

Second time ...... nope

Third time ..... FINALLY !

Also as you could see it have crashed trunk and rear bumper too !I´m lucky that it does not have any frame damage at all , just few some metal parts are fucked like front fender , trunk and rear bumper , I´m gonna order them right now !

Then we towed her home to my garage where i´m gonna work on her ! Tomorrow i´ll give her a deep clean i can´t look at her like this , ugh ! She´s really dirty .

Well , that´s it for today! I hope you enjoyed my barn find !

Informations about the car :

Pre-Facelift 2004 Honda Integra DC5 Type-R
Crashed front left fender , Trunk and rear bumper
Was sitting outside for 2 years
108 KM K20 engine

2004 Honda Integra DC5 Type-R - 3 500V$
8 603.45V$ - 3 500V$ = 5 103.45V$

Nissan RPS13 180SX Type-X - 16 000V$
5 103.45V$ +16 000V$ = 21 103.45V$