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# Nightrunner :

Daily material 宇益ぅ

Everyone say Hi to my new daily !
1994 Honda Civic Si EG-

Powered by D16A9 DOHC-non-VTEC engine with aftermarket air intake.

Informations about the car :
1994 Honda Civic Si EG
170 KM
Owned by elderly men and women
1 owner

Damn , she drives like a dream . Except , she doesn´t really want to stop . I think i´m gonna order some new brakes for her !

any rim plan? or other upgrades
Added 5 minutes later:

# Nightrunner :

Stylish プの意

So , hello guys ! My EK Civic finally looks like a car !
Here´s a little list of parts that i´ve installed :

Exterior :
New bigger front lip from ebay
Type-R JUN rear spoiler
Suspension :
Tein Steet Basis Z coilovers
Wilwood Dynapro 4 piston 275mm brakes
15´´ Spoon Sports SW388 6.5J +35 4X100 wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/20 R15
Ok but now , enough of specs , here´s the civic !

Oh and also , It finally runs !
Just a littlebit of smoke from the engine but it´s okay , it´s first start !

After few minutes of running the engine i´ve decided to take her for a spin !

VTEC kicked in YO 鋭レひゖ

Then i´ve dropped her to a bodyshop to repaint the whole car , yes , the whole car !
The owner of the shop said it should be done in + - a week so let´s see ! I´ve ordered a bunch more parts for her *wink* *wink*

Keeping it stock or planning a swap?

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