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Ive been hearing about this thing from a few friends and acquaintances for quite some time now. Decided to stop being lazy and go take a look.
Hopped in the Z and took off for a 1-hour drive


【Rotting Beauty】

Nissan Silvia S13. Lying here for about 6 months now. Model year unconfirmed, Engine missing, front end mostly missing, interior 70% gutted (just what i need)

Knocked the door of the house right next to the car, and the guy there was the owner. THANK GOD we found the owner so easily

Interior has S15 steering wheel and Defi tachometer

Was expecting a cracked dash, but surprisingly its still ok. Stock seats are kinda clapped tho

And now the hard part, Negotiating.

the owner wasnt told that we were looking to buy it. He just thought we came to take a look at it and was fine with it.
Asked him how much he'd want for the car. He threw a weird look and there was a pause. but then he said 1650. intially slightly too much but after a lot of going back and forth, i managed to bump it down to 1200 V$. We agreed, and i was handed the keys to a new build!

Had it towed over to the garage

The paint is currently really dirty but cant really tell if it needs a full repaint until i give it a good wash and polish.

As for running gear, it came with TEIN Sideway master coils, Wilwood 4piston brakes all around and a 5-lug conversion. wheels are S14 stockies on some cheap tires

Under the hood, it had most of the stuff except the engine itself. needs some washing up ofc and may/may not need new engine mounts

That brings me to my plans for this car

I've bought it to be my budget drift build. I have a spare S14 SR20DET lying around from my own S14. And it should be delivered from gunma to tokyo within today or tomorrow. Just need a transmission, flywheel, clutch.
Gonna keep the interior gutted and may end up with a rollcage too! just needs a hydraulic handbrake and some cosmetic overhaul.
As for the exterior, well, i honestly havent decided yet. i may go OEM+. OR the exact opposite and go full hotboi with a crazy livery and some expensive wheels

All in all, this is going to be my cheap-ish drift practice car. Hope it sees many drift tracks haha! lets see where time takes us

That'll be all for today. thank you for stopping by! ;) (also if you have a spare SR20DET transmission hook me up)

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