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Update! 更新

"Again? b-but you just updated this thread yesterday.." True, but I just can't help myself when some UPS dude knocks my front door with big big box placed right on the side of my door asking me for a sign, I always liked this kind of feeling :P .

I immediately visited the local shop as soon as I finish with my lunch, aaaaaaaand what makes it more interesting is that I stumbled across this cool 180SX at the shop!.

The guy at the shop says that the car was delivered to shop for a repaint and few suspension tweaks weeks ago, "It's got 400hp SR motor in it, pretty rad huh?" says the guy :))

I really dig the AVS 5 and AVS 6 mismatched rims setup, it gives the car such a cool look!

So what's this fuss all about?

Let's get back into the topic! "Sooooooo, what is it? the box?"

It's a Cusco 5 point rollcage that I bought straight from for V$295! (there's a discount going on there hehe) Pretty cheap right? :)

Bars Installment

First, I need to take off whole front seats. After that, I can install the rollcage much much easier

Lookie lookie, after doing wrenching and shit, finally the hard work pays off :doge: .

Got the seats back on. Super satisfied right now, car's feel more rigid and safer :thumbsup:

Also, can you guys helping me finding Red Recaro Pole Position seat for cheap? big thanks if you can :)

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