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# radcoon : You start quite a collection :) Those Ek's came cheap man. Even if they are salvaged. Will be interesting to see the progress!
They are pretty cheap here . And rolling shells are even more cheap . And the totalled EK was actually pretty good steal lmao .

Well at the end i´m gonna have just 3 cars . From 2 EK civic´s i´m gonna make 1 lmao . Basically gonna strip the whole rear of the silver one and put it on the turquoise one .

Added 23 seconds later:

# Shez : EK hatch was on my dream car list lol, I'm quite jelly... :drool2:
Come to Japan , theres a lot of them !

Added 29 seconds later:

# Renaruto : Dang looks like a fun project lmao.

It´s actually so much fun making something from nothing lmao .

Added 8 minutes later:

Let the project begin 者以移ヨ

She´s finally home now ! Oh god , this is gonna be a lot of work . Uninstall rear of both cars , install rear of the silver car on the Turquoise EK and much more ... So , let´s start !
RocketBunnyS13´S Kate is gonna have new friend , yaay !

Also if anyone wants to buy EK Civic front fenders , left door , interior bits , suspension or even quarter panels , DM me !

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