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#148328   2018-08-25 21:10          
What a trip!

Well,packed my things last night and went to the Tsukuba!
It was a long ass drive but it was worth it,Civic handled the trip better than me lol,when i came there i was exhausted so much i feel asleep in the back of the car.
Buuut,when i heard the engines starting i woke up right away and got my car ready for the track,but then i saw the clouds and they said it might rain today.
To my luck it didnt,i got ready and fired up the mighty D16 lol.
Went around the track three times,i didnt chase the good laptime because i wasnt on the racing slicks but shit,it handled good.
In total,really good experience from the track,people,organisation on point!
Im currently at the hotel in Tokyo,need to get some sleep then going back to Osaka,if someone is up to have a drink or something give me a message.

And yeeeeah,i almost forgot...
Heres some pictures.
Balance - 15.245V$
Gas,food and drinks - 350V$
Hotel - 50V$
Total - 14.845V$
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