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#148274   2018-08-24 22:48          
Took the Civic today to get a set of new tyres,alignment and some other stuff.
On my way back i turned to the scrap yard and found this Recaro Seat i needed for the passenger side,its dirty and destroyed on some places but minor things mostly.
When i came back i installed it and washed the car,it deserved it lol.
Sold the Mitsubishi...
But yeah,put that aside.Im preping for the Tsukuba Track Day tommorow,its a 6hour drive i hope my kidneys survive it to the track lol,so yeah i will update how Honda performed.I hope i meet someone of you bois on the track,bye!
Balance - 8.860V$
New tyres,alignment - 1000V$
Car Shampoo - 15V$
Used recaro seat from the scrapyard - 100V$
Galant sold - 7500V$
Total - 15.245V$
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