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# radcoon : S13 looks good tho. The front swap and the new color suits it!

What did the dyno print out?

RPS13 looks clean as well. You should consider license plates.... ;)

Thank you ! I was thinking about repainting it red again or paint her in other color .
As i´ve said she did 350HP on the dyno .
I have Plates for both of the cars but i don´t really have time to put them on . I´m gonna put them on very soon :)

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# Sleepin mOnkey : onevia is lovely
thanks !

Added 1 hour 50 minutes later:

Style 憶ーゲ

Finally doing 5lug swap on my Black RPS13 !
+I´ve also changed brakes for new Endless 358mmm 4piston brakes

And here is the final product with new wheels -16´´ ADVAN RG-DII (RGII) on Bridgestone Potenza RE002

But OwO what dis

Let´s install this lip for Type-X front bumper !

Wow . Now she looks actually good !

Let´s test her shall we ?

Passion for Drive 畏なヨ

Endless brake kit - 2 500V$
16´´ ADVAN RG-DII (RGII) on Bridgestone Potenza RE002 - 1 200V$
Front lip - 500V$
13 671V$ - 2 500V$ - 1 200V$ - 500V$ = 9 471V$

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