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R o s e

Finally all of the parts for SR20 came in :
Greddy intake manifold , Greddy intercooler , HKS wastegate and Bearings .

We were working on the car 24/7 , did 5 lug swap , installed all red PS13 Taillights , installed all of the parts that came in for the SR20 AND
after few days in garage filled with blood and sweat , the SR20 has finally started .
Just as i thought littlebit of smoke started coming out of the new parts , but that´s normal for first start .

Let´s test her out on the street !


Ok enough of fun , let´s go to local Dyno !

The SR20DET made 350HP on the Dyno which is crazy cuz it´s basically stock turbo with HKS wastegate and just a few minor things !
You may ask why i dont have front bumper and front fenders on . It´s simply cuz the s13 is actually really low and with those things it wont fit on the Dyno .

Back shot from the Dyno

After the Dyno i went to my friend´s body shop to get the S13 painted !

After few days he called me that my S13 is DONE !
And here is my Baby , Rose , now in Pearl White !

As you could see in the interior are few new things , E-Brake , new shifter and D-Max floor mats . I´ve bought everything in local Gunma UpGarage for pretty cheap ! As i´ve said , we did 5 lug swap and installed brand new brakes ! In the front are Wilwood 310mm 6 piston and on the rear are Wilwood 275mm 4 piston brakes . The car sits on 16´´ Opel Insignia steelie rims ( I think they look amazing )

But enough of S13 , now little update on black RPS13

I´ve installed Type-X wheels that came in with the car , installed sleepy eyes and new exhaust that i´ve bought in UpGarage too !

Greddy intake manifold - 800V$
Greddy intercooler - 500V$
HKS wastegate and Bearings - 150V$
All red taillights - exchange for OEM taillights
Wilwood brake kit - 700V$
5 lug swap - 70V$
E-brake - 250V$
Shifter- 50V$
D-Max floor mats - 150V$
2x new Exhaust - 2x 200 V$
Opel Insignia rims - 420V$
Paint - 600V$

12 656V$ - 4 090V$ = 8 566V$
Paycheck - 655V$
S13 Silvia front - 2 000V$
Leftover parts from S15 - 1 000V$
SR20DE - 1 200V$
Mentioned in Radcoons Roleplay - 250V$
8 566V§ + 655V$ + 2 000V$ + 1 000V$ + 1 200V$ + 250V$ = 13 671V$

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