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#148165   2018-08-22 22:56          
...back from the track...

Well,good news and bad news unfortunately...
Good news,engine running good,everything is fine.
Bad news,suspension needs a lot of work and adjustments.

Car is looking cool and all that,but it cant be pushed on these suspension settings,i was stupid to think it could.
Tyres are rubbing a lot,car is oversteering much more than it should,destroyed my tyres because i couldnt resist the feeling of driving something i built in my garage...
I will order some new tyres,something a littlebit smaller than this,thats a lot of work through this week.
Galant needs painting too,so while waiting on the new tyres for the EF9,i will try to finish the Galant so i can drive it normally and go to some meetings at least.

I will update you about the Galant next two days,thank you for visiting!
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