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Late night hype

Last night i was working on my AE86, when i finished i was pretty happy with the result but also tired so i got some sleep right away. However i somehow woke up at around 2:30 in the morning and just couldn't get back to sleep again! I had a look around the garage to check if anyone broke in, fortunately that was not the case. But then my eyes just got caught on the R32 like almost every day, and i haven't taken it for a drive in a while so i just said to myself "Let's go for a ride!" Before going i changed the wheels to BBS LM's that i got from Japan for a ridiculous price, i didn't want to damage those super expensive Nismo wheels lol. These wheels don't have tires as good as R888's but they were alright anyway.

First i was just cruising around but later i made some pulls too. As you know i will visit Japan once again next month for a Skyline meeting with Mackay and Erwin, and those guys are crazy about top speed highway runs, they will probably drag me into that so i considered it as some kind of preparation.

There were barely any cars on the road so i hit the gas quite a few times but i didn't want to wear out the engine too much. Those that had seen me probably got a little scared haha. I got scared a few times too, i think i even went past a police car in one moment. :rolleyes: Hopefully he had no idea what had gone past him...

I couldn't help myself and took some pics in the middle of the road. :P R32 looked better than i thought with these wheels, it also reminded me of a R32 GTR that i used to have years ago in Gran Turismo 4. It had the exact same color and wheels, and a similar power output. I might even keep them on but they would need a bit more dish so i'll stay with the GT1's for now.

I'm just so amazed everytime i see this GTR. Driving it in the middle of the night and speeding with no registration whatsoever was quite an adrenaline rush, it was even harder to sleep then but it was fun. I probably woke up many other people so i guess i deserve it, someone might even have nightmares now lol.

And this photo reminded me of my R32 GTS i used to have, it was a really fun car but i've always wanted a GTR. So here we are now - time files, right? :)
This is how it looked, photo was taken in December 2016.

Oh, and remember when i said that i was working on the AE86 last night? Well, see for yourself what has changed!

Full reveal soon in Ride Of The Month ;)