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#148063   2018-08-21 10:25          
Picked up the daily today!
Mitsubishi Galant DOHC 16v Turbo,has some aftermarket stuff on it,bodywork has seen better days but its all fixable and thats what matters.
Also the EF9 is finished,assembly is done and i love it,i need to fix the bumper on the galant so i can go and pick it up at the paint shop.
I was living there for two days there lol,but hard works pays off!
Account balance - 16.665V$
Mitsubishi Galant - 4000V$
Weber Carbs for the EF9 - 1000V$
New seat - 300V$
Mugen M7 15s wheels,Advan Tyres,Defi Tacho - 2870V$
Rollcage,struts,rear spoiler and tail lights - 850V$
Salary - 415V$
Total balance - 8.960V$

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