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word got to me that a local drift gang is selling a fairly built S13 SR20, and it needs to be sold ASAP.
i dashed over to their shop to take a look

It's originally out of a 180SX, and i have a speclist of mods at hand
- Greddy T67 turbo
- Custom 42mm top mount headers
- Greddy intake manifold
- Full HKS forged piston kit
- Mine's VX ECU system (THAT'S A PLUS LMAO)
- Greddy Front mount intercooler with piping
- custom 3.5inch Straight pipe exhaust
- SARD 750cc injectors
- Exedy PRC stage 4 clutch
- And an R33 GT-R Fuel pump.

engine was built and dyno tuned around 2 months ago and made 412hp, 390lb-ft. runs like mint until it was taken off maybe 2-3days ago, because the owner wants to get rid of it quick and go RB25 on his S13.

Due to the urgency its being sold at V$ 3.7k
it's just the perfect drivetrain upgrade for the S14, only downsides being its not brand new, and its an S13 SR so no VVT. but rly for 3.7k, and the fact that its a pretty easy swap, I PULLED THE TRIGGER
They'll be sending it over to my place tomorrow. Cant wait to start dropping it in the S14 ;) (and no, im not just gonna swap it in leave it at that. i still have 1 or 2 major upgrade plans for it)

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