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#147893   2018-08-18 22:27          
# Dr. Zoom : Nice civic!
# Sleepin mOnkey : general kenobi...

yo nice civic the build looks promissing
Thanks bois!

Had some free time today,spent it working around the civic.

Mounted the coilovers that came in today,front bumper and rear lip also.Took some cleaning products for interior and started with the seat,working my way to the dashboard.
Drove it around the neighbourhood for about 30mins,aligment is a bit off,exhaust gasket too,so thats the next things to do.Other than that,engine runs fine and everything is okay-ish.
Things to do:
1.get some sexy wheels and meaty tires.
2.paint the damn thing,omaghad.

Bank account - 18.500V$
Front bumper - 100V$
Rear lip - 20V$
Cleaning products - 15V$
Coilovers - 1000V$
Total - 17.365V$
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