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# Sleepin mOnkey : gt 28 is good on stock block better tha the oroginal 25 that dies after 6.5k

Oooof , thank you !

Added 8 minutes later:

F i n a l l y

Finally the parts that i´ve ordered few days ago came in (well most of them , still missing rear bumper and wing )
While my unce was pulling out the old SR20DE , i was installing all the parts that came in .

Type-X front bumper ,
Pop Up headlights
D-max hood
Some sideskirts that i´ve got from ebay
+ Origin fenders that i´ve already had .

Closer look on the Type-X front bumper .

I also rolled the rear fenders just to fit new wheels (really soon :))) )

The engine should go in Rose Tomorrow ! ( let´s hope )

Also if anybody wants full s13 silvia Front end DM me !

Type-X front bumper - 207V$
Pop Ups - 150V$
D-max hood - 700V$
Sideskirts from Ebay - 100V$
14 413V$ - 207V$ - 150V$ - 700V$- 100V$ = 13 256V$

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