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# Soju : That looks so clean, I like it

Thank you , I´m glad you like it !

Added 2 minutes later:

# radcoon : Someone is going S-Chassis crazy here! New one looks nice an clean!

I think i´m addicted to S-Chassis . :crying:

No but i really needed daily .

I was really surprised on how clean she is .

Added 1 hour 18 minutes later:

N e w H e a r t

Since Rose´s heart was running really weird and it was NA , I´ve decided to get her a new better , faster heart with B O O S T
So i´ve found this beautiful S15 SR20 (originally SR20DET but the turbo is missing) Notchtop for 1 700V$ !
Engine have 46 Km on it and is in perfect condition !

As you could see i´ve put some s14 4lugs on Rose for now .

Also if anybody wants s13 SR20DE HMU .

S15 SR20DET Notchtop - 1 700V$
16 113V$ - 1 700V$ = 14 413V$

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