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Been gone for a few days, but for good reason. So you may remember ive dropped the S14 to paint a good while back. Aaaaand on last post i teased it a bit. yap it's done and i have her again. Dudes and dudettes, MAY I PRESENT TO YOU,


Clearly i now have some explaining to do because you may be asking "WHERE TF IS THE 326POWER BODYKIT?". Hear me out lol

When i got the 326 kit the plan i had for the car was more on the simpler side. plain white paint, some decals here and there and good stance. Welll after i dropped the car to paint i stumbled upon some rly good photos of the Mine's tuning cars, which included a Mine's s15. And that got me thinking, what if i were to go with a mine's style, but on an S14 instead? after a lot of going back and forth, i pulled the trigger. Called up my friend at the paintshop, who just took the bodypanels off at that time, and told him about this. We came to an agreement and word got out among friends and acquantainces about the car. WHICH brings me back to the 326power kit. A guy who's also a valuable customer and good friend at the paintshop had a Navan kitted S14 Zenki, and offered me a trade deal. Kit for kit and some cash my way. And for a Mine's livery, the 326power kit wouldn't really fit as well as a stock-ish looking Navan kit. So DEAL SIGNED and now here we are!

Right, that's that. Now back to the car


Some more shots from the garage where the livery work was done

Also i forgot to mention, tha car now has a Wilwood brake kit too! 310mm discs all around, 6piston front, 4piston rear. Had them delivered to the painthop and they gladly installed it for me. CAR STOPS ON A DIME NOW

I've also had the windows tinted (apart from front windshield)

Afterwards on the way home i just had to take the touge route
I'VE MISSED HER SOO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *instant jeremy clarkson smile on face*

Still a nearly stock SR20 and that didnt keep me from loving it (wont stay stock for much longer tho)

After which, Back home safe and sound.

That'll be all for today. As always thank you for stopping by and i hope you liked the S14 as much as i do :D

(N.B. This is actually my first attempt at a livery for SLRR)

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