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# Shez : Oooof I really like the idea of how you're going to swap the front, good luck!

I actually really like the Onevia . But since they were sold only in US and Europe , i´m gonna do my own Onevia lmao .

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# S-Chassi Lover : Hey , how much for the silvia frontend?

DM me just so we can talk about the price of the silvia front end.

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I n t e r i o r T i m e

So today i´ve picked up mine Nardi steering wheel in shop called Art Of Wheels in Tokyo . On my way home i went to Local Gunma UpGarage and bought set of Bride Vios III´s . I´m not gonna fly around in the car anymore lol !

Steering wheel was easy to install but the Seats were pain in the ass! But after few hours i got them in !

Also as you could see i´ve put on few stickers on my S13 !!

They were a gift from mine friend .

And last thing , homemade bosozoku blast pipe !

And when the sun came down , i took her for a little spin

N i g h t A t t a c k

Nardi steering wheel - 215V$
Bride Vios III - 1 000V$
21 515V$ - 215V$ - 1 000v$ = 20 300V$

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