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Your cars never fail to amaze me bro , your tuning style is just killer ! I love it ! The GTT has the most complex rollcage I've ever seen , no wonder you worked almost a whole week on that thing , and the bashbar is just crazy in every way possible. You know a lot of stuff about chassis reinforcement , and I'd really love to be able to do such complex things to a car. As for the R33 , oh baby , I didn't see that one coming ! It looks so damn clean ! I absolutely love it ! That has to be by far the cleanest R33 I've ever seen ! And let's not forget about the ultimate R34 in Japan ! Oh man , that thing is just... I dunno man , it's unbelievable. I love every inch of it , inside and out , it's a monster under the hood , and a gem on the outside. I have no words. As you know , I really don't want you to become depressed or something like that and I'm always trying to help you around the shop. You've been working like a mad man in these past days and I really think you should be more positive and relaxed. I'd suggest you take a brake , but knowing how busy you are , you really don't have time for that so , take it easy , I don't want you to become too exhausted. Either way man , everything is flowing nicely right now it seems , keep up the good work and don't forget to take it easy , enjoy yourself and chill.