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# RocketBunnyS13 :

Thanks a lot man! Yeah, it is one of the craziest thing that I did, but I had to do it, these are the things we live for, right? You right, I were.
:rolleyes: I could take another car and then it would be no problem man! And yeah, you should really do some Kanjo runs with your C-Rex, I am sure you have connections to go on such adventures!

# Soju :

Thanks a lot Soju! Yeah, you should have been there too. I am sure that you will be coming to Japan this year again? If yes, then my place is open for you like it were last year! :thumbsup:


-✘ Ahh.. Where do I began? A lot of shit have happened again and I been completely lost in my own world doing things.. Fighting a lot of personal issues, bunch of problems and so on, currently I don't see anything more apart from work and garage right now. Am I getting depressed? Could be. I am working on my own things, burning myself off and drowning in work, thankfully other guys and Erwin helps me quite a lot.. Anyway here is an update for you guys about the current situation. That R33 that I bought for Russian guys is already gone and currently somewhere in the sea travelling to them. Was a pleasure doing business with them. Russian guys are always a pleasure to work with. ✘-

-✘ Now lets talk about my GTT drift build, should we ? Long story short I finally started working on it. The roll cage is finally in, probably the best and strongest roll cage that I have fabricated in a quite a while, every pivot point is reinforced and connected, so yeah, this cage will keep me protected in any situation. I also fabricated custom front bash bar to protect my intercooler and radiator. Those things aside I also stripped the interior and most things out. I replaced the OEM carpet with custom light one, so only black fabric covers the inside for cleaner look, stock seats were also replaced with Bride Zeta III's along with Sparco harness. The steering wheel choice were Nardi as usual for my builds. So yeah, interior is kinda completed, now only suspension and engine left, even tho I could slide it without problem as it is, but this will be a proper build for sure. Still a lot of things to be done to it. ✘-

-✘ So here how it looks right now. Yeah.. I took the GTR wing off, what was I thinking when putting it on, instead I repainted the Nismo bodykit addons in black, so now it looks similar as on my GTR but it is plastic instead of carbon tho. I don't remember if I mentioned but the R34 GTR brakes is now already on this car too, I also switched the wheels to Meisters. Can't wait to turn my plans for this car to reality. ✘-

-✘ Well, well, well.. Whose car is this ? Yeah, it is mine. I never really thought that I would own R33 GTR but here I am. I know that I said that I don't like it that much, but long story short that car really grew on me hard and now I love it in and out. Another beautiful Skyline in my "collection". It is a 1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec in very good condition, everything is mostly OEM, only few things under the hood as air filters and R18' BBS LM's. Don't expect a lot of things for it as this will be my daily driver and I will definitely keep it as it for sure, nothing crazy will be done to it. Unexpected, I know.. Even tho my BNR34 is completely street driven car and I can daily it without problems I decided that it would be better to have "normal" daily car and keep the 34' as my pride and joy. Damn, I really love this car, it will be even better after few small touches. ✘-

-✘ The R34' got some love during that time too. I bought FRP Top Secret hood with carbon fiber vent in the middle, ahh I was thinking about that hood for quite a while and I finally decided to get it and I couldn't be happier how it looks on my car. Oh.. The rear were not forgotten too, I bought a carbon fiber Top Secret diffuser for more downforce and obviously hot boi looks. Even tho you guys know how much I like to fabricate such things myself this time I decided to get something different, and Top Secret one fits my car just perfectly. Now it is a high end car after all, so no shortcuts are taken with it. Next on the list is suspension upgrades and I already have few ideas. Time will show, but one thing for sure, everything that I have in plans will be done before R's meeting. Oh, I also sold the original V-Spec II engine too.. I decided to get rid of it as I am definitely not going back to OEM stage. ✘-

-✘ So yeah, that's kinda it for now.. No idea when I will update you all again, I know that I am missing out on a lot of things, but one thing is for sure, I still keep my eye on all of you and follow every single one of my guys.. I just don't really have time or possibilities to stay in touch with you all as currently I am having a lot of problems and living in my own world, I still work and I still can help you all, I am here, but my mind and thoughts are somewhere else. Eh.. Everything will be alright. Also Crazy' should post some cool things soon as we spent some time together, so keep an eye open for his update. Anyways, peace and till later.. ✘-

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