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Guys, I already decided to make the swap.

Since for the 4AGE Bluetop it is costing me enough to find aftermarket parts since most of them are discontinued, or are used and had a lot of wear, or cost good money ...

I do not know if a Blacktop, or to go to another engine like an SR20DET, a K24, an F22C, any of those, 4 cylinders (so it does not ruin the weight distribution), I have a fantasy of grabbing a K24, putting a compressor Kraftwerks and use it in 86, Maybe go with the car n / a with the K24, since they are 160hp and the 4age is in 130hp, so it would be a gradual increase, before going through the compressor ...

This swap will do it for a subject of availability of aftermarket parts and to have a more modern base and with more potential.

I need engine recommendations to make a swap.


4 cylinders
1992 - Present (I mean CA18'S, 4AGE no, a modern engine)
Easy to modify
Great availability of parts.

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