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# Mr.Stance : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND you saw a cop in the next exit of the highway lol
I love that GTR! , i want it , but i'm a poor man lol
That car shows quality all over

Nah, we didn't saw anything and everything went as planned.
Thanks a lot! Even if you were rich man I would not sell that car, but if something.. Expect price in very dumb numbers..

# radcoon : I am a bit speechless. This is awesome. On one hand I have to give credits to Erwin joining this "event" I simply wouldn't. So you guys built up a strong trust bond. Doing over 300km/h, i just did once by myself so I know how concentrated you have to be. Respect again.
I respect the work you put in the 34. By it's specs and by the way it looks it is a awesome machine.
I think it represents the commitment and the quality, you built cars with, just perfect.
Thx fro sharing this!

Thanks a lot about everything you just said man, it means a lot when my build gets such compliments.
Yeah you are right, I probably wouldn't go in another car doing such things myself, it is the same thing as putting your life in other person hands, but Erwin did just fine, he didn't killed me either when we were taking his R33 for a spin too, so I guess we are good. Thanks again man!

# Dr. Zoom : Damn, that GTR have huge top speed goal. Well done team!

Yeah, it is more than "enough" for my satisfaction. Thanks!

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Man , what an experience that was ! I loved every moment of it and as you said , I was completely speechless. Just seeing all of my favorite/dream cars racing eachother on the Wangan was the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life ! I really didn't want to distract you from driving because , well , I didn't even knew what to say ! I can proudly call you The Tuner from Hell , because the cars you've built are just , I dunno , perfect and extreme in every aspect. You've really took everything to the next level with this amazing car you've built ! You did an amazing job with my car and an incredible job with your R. I'd even go as far as saying that the R34 was built by god and satan themselfes ! The overall look of the R34 looks godly and the engine beneath the hood is just screaming "DEATH!!!". You've got some incredible power numbers on that engine , and after spending 31k on the parts , the end result is just out of this world. 909 horsepower full of just crazy dedication and kick-ass performance ! I love every inch of your R34 man , that's for sure ! It was just crazy to get to such speeds in the first place ! You probably can handle every car ever made if you can handle the R34. Once again , big thank you for taking me with you , and I can't tell you how much you've changed my life ! I wouldn't have experienced such moments if it wasn't for you , thank you so much !

Either way , I can proudly say that your R34 whips my R33's ass in every aspect ! It's just crazy that you manage to run at 600hp on low boost , that's how much I make on max boost ! You're just crazy ! In the good way of course ! I can probably go as far as saying that you're the best tuner in Asia right now. You're just a mastermind when it comes to cars and I really wish I could be like you one day !

Anyway , thank you again for everything and I hope that maybe we could do this again in the future ! :-X

Yeah, it feels really good to be back in "Wangan" scene again, I missed that thing in my life, even tho I never forgot about it, just no proper runs were done.. Even if running on wangan means that I can lose my license, get a lot of fines and etc, I will still do it without thinking twice, thats the hashiriya spririt and I will never gonna grow out of it. Haha, I don't really like to be called such names as I am definitely not the best, I just did my own thing, the things that I do best, this car was build only by me and only for my own enjoyment, I did it my way. Definitely, this GTR will be one of a kind in the long run, even tho it is already.. :rolleyes:

Haha, I guess thats the way I am.. Don't worry about R33 as it will keep up just fine, it is two different cars and it would be dumb idea to compare them, as they both are unique machines in their own way. And yeah, we definitely going together sometime, only two of us.. Anyways, thanks for good words my man, I appreciate it, I promised that I will help you out, and thats what I am doing, enjoy it! :thumbsup:

# Lagano : Damn that's some crazy shit you did there!! You're lucky that you found 3 more guys as crazy as you haha. That Supra reminds me of my drift car i had back home, paintjob and rear bumper look the same. You made that R34 a real monster, well you said it won't be as powerful as my R32 but you were almost wrong! :P I remember the last time you were doing some Wangan runs with the R32 too, and this september it should see the Wangan again... ;)

Old habits you know.. I guess I am, even tho not everyone goes as far as I did, each to their own I guess. Could be, somehow I missed your Supra, or I just didn't knew you back then haha! Yeah, I said that because I had other plans for that car, originally I was aiming for 600-700HP with smaller top mount twins, but the price and output would have been just unreasonable. Both Skylines are different, R32 were built by parts which were designed almost two decades ago that are proven to be amazing even today, and R34 was built with completely new parts, new turbo design and so on, so no one really knew what to expect. It should be head to head battle between both R's even tho R34 has better gearing and top end.. If you bring that thing here again, we definitely overhauling and upgrading it at my shop! Can't wait to see you again man, and I am not even talking about the driving part that we are going to do.. :rolleyes: