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# Mr.Stance :

AE86 Update

Yesterday after going to Ebisu I bought several new things and I started to install them, I loved the result

Now looks so beautyful!

Here're all the details of the new update of the Hachi-Roku!

Interior: I removed my original seats, I sold them for 168,000 ¥ (1500V$, they were in very good condition) and I bought two bucket seats with belts for ¥84000 (750V$)
I bought some new gauges (oil pressure, water temperature, battery, oil temperature and wideband) for 38900¥ (350V$)
I bought a roll cage to place the belts, run safely in ebisu and tomorrow in d1sl, who knows. The cage cost me 33500¥ (300V$), in addition to a hydraulic hand brake, which i paid ¥22300 (200V$) and a Wood Nardi Torino that was of the old ae86 of my father (he was an hashiriya in the 90's)

Suspension and brakes: I bought a kit of Coilovers Megan Racing for 100000¥ (900V$) ,I removed the brake discs and sent them to a place where they drilled and slotted them, I also bought 4 racing brake pads and new brake lines, the work of the brakes and brakepads cost me 55700¥ (550V$), and also the hydro ebrake (price is above)

Now it looks, feels and drives better!

Cambergaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!! <3

After these improvements I went again to Ebisu

I met a friend "dominikhepner632" and his 180sx type-x, we took advantage and had a lot of fun! And i took this foto

I was ready for practice and for seeing the difference between the last practice with the stock car and now with all the stuff , And OMG , The difference is GIGANTIC!

The improvement was noticed as if it were another car, the little bodyroll that had this car was completely dissappear, The brakes responded better than ever, the hydraulic hand brake locks a thousand times better the rear wheels, The seats hold me much better, and the gauges help me a lot showing me the condition of the engine and throwing me the necessary data.

It was a nice day! , I enjoyed it a lot and I could see the difference of a stock car and a car with the right modifications and necessary for this type of circuits.

I also sold the silvia: The previous owner repented and offered me 668000¥ (6000V$) for the car, Obviously i accepted the offer

And the old 4age left too, I sold it for 94700¥ (850V$), so I took four things off that solved today's expenses ...

Bump and missed paycheck

Added 1 minute later:

# Sleepin mOnkey : cheap daily get a honda or Jz family rb 25 is good idea too and the 1uz ca18 inst reliable if you want nissan sr20 stock turbo gt25/t28
Yeah , but the skylines ER34 and the chasers are too expensive and i need money for the 86

Added 3 minutes later:

And of the engines i will consider :

Idk , what engine you reccomend me?

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