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Big thanks to you guys, your positive words and support means a lot to me!


-✘ This will be the promised update about BNR34's new engine and Wangan run, so consider it a proper engine reveal. If you really want to get true Wangan vibes then play this *LINK* song and continue reading. First things first as always. After I adjusted the R34's suspension settings, downforce, and basically double checked everything that could fall apart, I put two helmets on the rear seat, one for me and another one for Erwin because he was going as a passenger and went to a local gas station to fill my gas tank, which will probably last me for 30-40 minutes or so, 15 minutes later I picked Erwin up and we went to the place where other guys were waiting for us. There were three other cars which will be driving on expressway that night, later after we rolled out R32 GTR showed up, but I don't have the pictures of that car as it was a support car most of the time. So basically our squad consisted of two R34's, my V-Spec II and other V-Spec I, R32 GTR, MKIV Supra and NSX, every car had atleast 600HP under the hood, so no one was really left behind until things started getting hot between me and Supra as it had solid 780HP. ✘-

-✘ After it started getting dark, we rolled onto the main expressway where things got serious. Last time I did a proper 3'hundred Wangan run was last year, almost 10 months ago, but I did a lot of other shit in between such as racing Time Attack RPS, grip track days and occasional 250KMH "cruising" in our stock or daily cars, so I was still confident in my skills. ✘-

-✘ Together with Supra's driver we did a warm up run first, not going faster than 220KM/H and filtering through traffic to warm up our tires, brakes and obviously the engine. After driving like this for a while I didn't noticed any weird signs or problems, MFD was showing normal temperatures, no pressure issues, everything was working fine, so I was good to go. ✘-

-✘ Long story short, lets get straight to the point. Top speed recorded that night was - 341 KM/H from GPS. It's fastest I have ever been in my life, Erwin was left speechless too as he was sitting quietly the whole time probably thinking why did he get into the car in the first place, but thanks for not distracting me man, appreciate it. Going so fast is definitely a transcendent experience, there is just something about it, knowing that there is no room for error, the thrill, the risk that you are taking, those few seconds you don't think about anything else, you are right there, behind the steering wheel of your creation. I am confident to say that I took my GTR to its limits that night even tho the engine still has a lot of potential, but there is some parts restricting it, but I will keep things as it is for now because current engine setup is the one that I always wanted and I am not changing anything for sure. The only thing that I will be doing is turning the boost down for my daily use, I want to keep it in 600'hundreds while on low boost. ✘-

-✘ For those wondering about dyno graph, part list and everything that went into the RB28 build here it is. I am not afraid to show my engine specs and parts, because even if someone will replicate my engine build it won't be as powerful in wrong hands. So yeah, take a look how 35'thousand engine looks like, I could have bought another R34 GTR for that kind of money. It took me about two months to build it right and how I wanted it to be and I am definitely satisfied. Maybe I should build engines instead of roll-cages haha. So if anyone needs anything, hit me up.. ✘-

-✘ I guess a lot of you want to hear how it sounds, here it is. Revving and idling at our shop, also those turbo noises is going to make you wet for sure, GTIII-5R is one hell of a turbo, no surprise it is T51R successor. ✘-

-✘ So yeah, thats kinda it for now I guess.. GTR is coming along nicely how I want it to be, I also have few more ideas which I will try to turn into reality till the R's meeting. Because the hardest part is already over, now I will focus on other modifications and GTT drift build. This week I will try to relax for a few days, spend some time doing personal things and so on, but we will see. We should be going to Tokyo soon to visit Skip and Radcoon so expect some cool things, and no, I am not taking the GTR there. Anyway, thanks for all the support that I have been receiving these days, it means a lot to me. So yeah guys, till later. Peace. ✘-

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