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# Dr. Zoom : I can see Skylines hugging to you, mate.

It is in my blood man.

# Lagano : I wouldn't go for that Rocket Bunny kit for your GTT, rather get a BN Sports kit or something like that to make a 2000's inspired drift car. :D Widebody would still be cool but maybe not so wide as Rocket Bunny.

Yeah, I decided that I won't be going widebody, I don't really want to cut up an R34.. Maybe in the future, we will see.

# radcoon : Had a blast the last two days, dude! Thx again! Waiting for invoice! :) And next time it's tokyo!

Anytime my man! Everything is already sent to you, it will be 2000V$ as I said before, loyal customer discount for you haha. :)) Definitely, we need to spend some time at your place too!

The Calm Before The Storm

-✘ This is going to be somewhat short update about current situation and what is happening. First things first, right? The new engine was runned in completely without zero issues encountered whatsoever. After that twelve hour trip Osaka - Tokyo - Osaka I drove over thousand kilometers, just as I said I will do. The engine handled everything fine as I was keeping it easy for the whole trip, never went over 40% of the throttle if being honest. The engine kept RPM's steady, no rattling noises, strange whistles or something of that kind, everything went just as I expected. I was back in Osaka early in the morning as I planned, 10 hours in a car is no joke I must say, but I did what I had to do. Right when I came back to Osaka I took a look at engine data logs, changed the engine oil, examined everything and went straight to the dyno, where I continued tuning the engine. The "final" engine map was written and the numbers I got on pump gas is outstanding, I will be doing further tests with that settings just in case, to prevent something bad from happening, but I am confident enough that this will be the one that I will run, the only thing that I will be doing is adjusting the boost pressure on the go to satisfy my needs when needed. Don't ask for engine numbers, it will be revealed this weekend after the final test at the Wangan. Photo of cruisin' at 160KM/H while going back to Osaka. ✘-

-✘ I said that I will start working on the Radcoon's 180SX on Tuesday and I did, thankfully we have pre-made tubes for such common chassis, so I managed to weld everything up in about 35 hours or so and the car was ready on Thursday afternoon, I basically finished it the moment when Skip and Radcoon came for a visit. Cage as usual, to meet the D1SL requirements and so on, everything is certified and will be good to go anywhere Radcoon wants, he is one of my best customers haha as I already did three cages for him. Also thanks a lot for the free sticker goodies that you brought me man, I appreciate it! ✘-

-✘ Ahh.. After Radcoon and Skip left and we closed our shop, another nightmare began.. Together with Erwin we started working on his R33, we strengthened the chassis and I did some stitch welding on pivot points. In the process I taught Erwin some things about welding and reinforcing the chassis, so I am sure he will be able to such work himself next time for his cars, it takes a lot of practice to do those things correctly, so who knows, maybe someday I will let him do the job on customers cars, we will see.. We worked till the morning, I did as much work I as was physically able to do because at that point I lost count of how many hours I am awake, thirty? thirty five? I don't even know. So after we did the final touches on the R33 chassis, without even washing myself up or changing clothes I jumped straight into the GTT and drove back home to finally get some rest before tonight.. ✘-

-✘ As some of you know tonight I will be taking the R34 to its limits on the Wangan, but now I am going to sleep for a few hours, get some rest and then I will go back to the garage to do final check ups and adjustments to the GTR before tonights run... Ah, I will update you all when I cool down a bit as I am going trough a lot of shit right now .. Peace.. ✘-

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