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# Dr. Zoom : Top tip: Avoid anything cheap ass parts.

Ebay turbo coming soon :troll:

Added 1 minute later:

# MACKAY : The only things that I found that might interest you is Spoon 4:2:1 exhaust header and Kakimoto exhaust which I guess is pretty rare in UK, parts - *LINK* , *LINK*

If you want I can order those things, and when they arrive to my shop I will send them to you which will save some cash and time dealing with customs or buying straight from them.

I'm reaaaaly interested ahahaha :)) :))

Added 1 minute later:

# dominikhepner632 :

This dc5 looks really clean , reminds me of my dc5 lol !

but mine is getting new wheels tomorrow owo.

big OWO