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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Thanks for everything dude ! I'm really happy to work with you and I'm extremely happy to be able to work in such a nice place ! There's nothing better than working along side with your friends.

I also have to say that it's such a pleasure to work on your cars ! This is a dream come true !

And I must say , 31 grand on a engine ? This is insanity !!! I mean , I never had that much money in my wallet in the first place ! I wonder how much power you'll run through that thing...

Anyways , hurry up and widebody that R34 already ! It's gonna be the sickest thing in Japan I'll tell you that ! :drool2:

I see that you are doing very well here with us, keep it that way man! There is still a lot of things coming for you at our shop where you will be able to show your skills.
Horsepower ain't cheap if done properly, you can't have reliability and high power easily, I almost gave up working on that engine as the parts list just kept adding up along with the money disappearing from my bank account.. I had doubts about it, but now I can say that I have fulfilled my dream.
I will think about that wide body kit after I will see the renders, I might go for it, we will see, I have a lot of time to think about it.

# radcoon : Hm... I kinda expected to see the start of a GTR collection.... nah kidding. Well on that new engine. Simply wow! I'm looking forward a lot to hear that machine on Thursday! Also that HKS livery timing and head cover. Pure sexiness!

But, being really honest... the RB Kit. NO! imo

Even tho the R33 is slowly growing on me, I don't really see myself owning it in the near future, might happen, but obviously not now, on the other hand R32 or R35 is very possible option that could happen. :rolleyes:
Don't forget to bring your ear plugs haha, also thanks a lot man!
Yeah, I am having doubts about it too, but we will see.

# Soju : Oh dang, so nice collections! It just makes me want to get the Skyline

Thanks a lot Soju, we can definitely make things happen and import one to Korea haha.

# skip : hey.

visit you soon?

any time.


Hey. Visit me whenever you want baby. I will be waiting. :)