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#144877   2018-07-15 14:52          
# MACKAY : When this thing getting an titanium exhaust tho? Never been a fan of those cars, but is slowly growing on me, but nah, S2K was enough for me, no more Hondas in near future haha.
Hahaha, I'll definitelly getting new exhaust this week, this thing needs louder purr haha
Can you hook me up with someone, still deciding to get Blitz exhaust or HKS exhaust :doge:

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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Lookin' real clean. And as Mackay said , titanium tip is a must. It will make the rear look much better.
Still debating for what kind of exhaust I'm going to get haha :)) :))

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# Mr.Stance : Mane , your DC5 make me miss my two dc5's ...

The titanium tip , Hondata , skunk2 coils and a Injen cold air intake are the starter pack of an DC5/EP3/FN2 owner lol
Sorry not sorry :troll:
Previous owner fitted aftermarket cold air intake tho, idk about the brand... might checking that out later :D :D