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# MACKAY : Of course it is show worthy man, I am sure that it will be even better in the future, you probably didn't catch that but I said before that we will fit one of your car inside without problems, so Supra is the cleanest one right now, so we will keep it that way for sure.

Nah, it is not cool, I am already on my way to Kansai Airport with my wife, bought last minute tickets to Tokyo and I will be there in less than two hours. I'll will stay at hotel overnight if something and we will leave together in the morning, and yeah, we definitely going to drive over speed limit down the trip. :rolleyes:

Dude ! I wasn't expecting you to actually come ! Damn , now I'm even more hyped ! I can't wait to meet you guys in the morning !

So , I'll drive the Supra , you'll take the R33 and your wife the 180. Great ! I can't wait to do pulls with you guys ! All the cars should be equal in power , since none of them have heavy mods under the hood.

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