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The blacktop is behind my office , in my little junkyard
And if u want i can find some 4AGZE supercharger or some ITB'S...

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# StratoWolf : How much?
I tried little puffs but that shit wss strong!
Yeah it has high revs, the 240 has a chassis imbalance from the heavy RB25 engine. My brother's car has been tuned so well it's scary.

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So we've arrived at Torrance!

We're going to go have a rest before we get the Levin Coupe off the trailer.
That weed isn't so hard , the problem is that you are a pussy lol
Ohh , i remember , you smoked my other weed , my more strong weed instead of the chill one lol
And you smoked one bag of weed , and 3 bottles of vaper fluid lol
And about the 240 , Isn't so unbalanced , but is more heavy in the front , so it understeers and your levin is more controllable in the corners , but my car is more fast in the straights and in open corners , but in the more sharp corners it understeers just a little...

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