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Baltic Blue...

○ Hey guys , what's up ?

○ So , first of all , sorry for not posting for a while , but I've been hanging out with my boys Mackay and Radcoon ! So , I have to say , Mackays garage is just full of god-tier JDM cars and I'll confess that I love spending time there , heck , I'd love to work there , but thats up to Mackay.

○ Ahh yes , sorry for giving you guys blue balls for a couple of days , but the Supra is finally repainted , and god damn , she looks gorgeous !!! Here's some shots :

○ She's amaizing ! So , as the title suggests , the color I picked is the Baltic Blue Metallic color , which is an OEM Color for the Supra. It looks really nice , but there's one more thing that I have to do with the Supra. We gotta take it to the expressway. Y'all know what's 'bouta happen... >:)

○ So , because the Supra pretty much became my daily car now , sadly , I decided to let the S14 go. I've took really good care of it and made quite some memories , and I hope the new owner will take good care of it and have fun with it the same way I did. Here's the last pic of the S14 leaving my garage ...

○ You'll be missed baby , but you know what they say ! If you love something , set it free...

○ You're probably wondering why I sold it wingless , well , I wanted to keep the wing because it was a present from an old friend of mine across the ocean , back in San Diego.

○ So , lets talk some numbers now. I sold the S14 for 9000 V$ and I gave the old wheels that the S14 came with to the new owner.

○ Alright , enough sadness now. To entertain myself for a bit I decided to try and see how the Super Taikyu wing fits on the S13 , here's the result :)) :

○ Nice or rice ? I'll let you guys decide.

○ Don't worry guys , the wing is just sitting there because I just wanted to see how it looks , and I didn't want to drill into the trunk for no real reason. I hate drilling through trunks because I'm always scared that the holes won't fit with the wing and the whole thing would sit crooked...

○ Anyways , now that the Supra is "done" ( it will never be done , I'll always change things on it ) , I have to choose which car will be the next project car , and I figured out I'd let you guys decide.

FD Rx-7 or R33 GTS-T ?

It's up to you guys which one is next , so pick the one that you like !

○ Anyway , that's about it for now , I'm really hyped on the Supra and the other 2 cars , and a little bit sad about the S14 , but hey , it was time for the S14 to leave. She treated me well and so did I.

○ I'll see all of you homies around !

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