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# marcus915 : im excited to see the progression of your ER34, but all your R34's are so good <3

Thanks a lot babe! :-X
Ohh, it is just beginning for these cars.. :rolleyes:

# RocketBunnyS13 : WOAHHH. Owning 3 R34s at the same time, you have reached a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of class! Looks like they're all headed in the right direction too. You're starting to be like @cw_unit on Instagram!

Thaaaanks man! I am in the world of my own right now lol. Definitely, wait till you see my ideas becoming reality with GTT and GTR.. Oh, haha, I heard of him before, that dude is crazy, owning three GTRs at once. B)

# radcoon : What a collection! Damn! But the ride in those backseats was damn nice! Even as Erwin turned kinda green! Haha!
Will be back in O soon!

I guess it is obvious that I am Nissan guy at heart, all I need now is a 350Z and I will be set, 350Z was the car that started it all for me, so I really want to have one because now I have the possibilities and money to keep one.. It is sad that I had to sell my Z's because of circumstances.. Inb4 I get 380RS by the end of this year.. Oh yeah, thankfully he hold up pretty well and didn't vomit, I might get nauseous myself lol.
Definitely, come here more often!

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Bro , I can't even tell you how much fun I had ! And as Radcoon said , I did turn a lil bit green and I gotta say , it's hella fun to sit in the back seat while drifting ! I felt like Itsuki in that one Initial D episode when he had to sit in the back seat on a downhill race for more weight distribution ! :)) :)) :))

Mackay , I'm not gonna lie but your garage is absolute heaven ! We really need to do that barbeque thing more more often ! I had so much fun when all of us hanged out !

I am sure that it was a lot of fun! No surprise such thing happened to you after all the drinks and food we had lol. Oh haha, I remember that one! :))

Thanks a lot man, it means a lot to me! Definitely, I have an idea, every Saturday could be an open door day where anyone could join us for BBQ, wash their cars outside and so on, I might make it happen soon, but I need to figure few things out before that. But it will be happening for sure! Come here more often Erwin, the place is always open for you ;)