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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : This thing keeps getting better and better ! I wonder what's next ? I mean , it already looks anaizing !

Thank you! Next mods are probably the more minor ones haha

# radcoon : Damn this thing needs to attend in the Ride of the Month! But well all others might be sad then!

Haha thank you my dude! I do have plans to attend the Ride of the Month comp, but I'm afraid C-REX isn't worthy or ready yet haha. Maybe next month!

# Dr. Zoom : Damn you let C-REX more roar! Like Radcoon said, your C-REX need attend ride of the month!

Thanks man! Yeah I'm planning on doing that soon!

# MACKAY : I bet that things just screams while going fast, ahh, I love ITB's, I remember driving Monkey's S14 with throttle bodies, what a car it was, I really need to see things in person! :pathead:

IT REALLY DOES. Is it wrong for me to always rev the car up to 7000+ RPM before shifting? HAHAHAHA

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Again, not much to write home about, but the previous Recaro rep I bought has now been replaced with a genuine Recaro SR3, rare spec with the HKS Pattern! Set me back just 50,000 yen (V$500)! Bolsters much better than the prior one, much more comfy and just overall feels more rigid.

Pics Pics Pics!



More shit soon as always!

V$18,985 - V$500 + V$750 (Paycheck) = V$19,235

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