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# StratoWolf : Now we're coming up to the final leg of the journey in California!

So spending some time in Denver also involved smoking weed in 4:20. Fucking worst thing in my life, that was first and last time I'll smoke weed.
So we switched again with me in the 240 (despite Mr.Stance's protests), Stance in the Levin and my GF in the Trueno again. The ride is smooth and RB25 is powerful, Stance is having trouble admitting that I caught up to him with the Levin in the mountain roads.

States crossed: Colorado, Utah, Nevada
Currently in: California
DON'T TOUCH MY FUCKING WEED !!! (You owe me my fucking weed and vaper fluids...)
You smoked too muck , try little smokes lol
Your levin is so fast !!!

Added 3 minutes later:

Maybe in sunday or monday i will update in my rp all the trip stuff and the cars...
(The mark 2 will arrive in saturday , and i bought a new jdm car (1998 Legendary japanese coupe with a n/a engine and automatic tranny, will arrive in 29/7) and some goodies for the copart cars , and maybe something for the piggynose...)
This will be good...

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