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[..]would be better with a slider though
Yeah I hear you, I updated the thing to work with a slider instead.

On the scaleable wheels though; only parts with a mesh defined in the cfg can be scaled this way, sadly wheels and tyres are traditionally missing the mesh line form the cfg (the mufflers do aswell) for the tyres this line can't even really be included as the mesh can change depending on the dimensions of the rim you are trying to attach it to, as far as I can tell this works something like the paintable parts as in the game registers the given texture (defined with the texture line in the cfg) as a dynamic property of the RenderRef but if it's missing you can't really do anything about it, it is the same with the mesh line if a part is missing the mesh line you cant force a mesh with the setMesh() either (the main problem with the code I posted above is that if there is no mesh line in the cfg the getMesh() returns 0x0000, if one tries to call setMesh() on such a part the getMesh() will still always return 0)
This leaves one not so appealing option one could look up the mesh of a given RenderRef and directly scale that in the games resource engine but this will result in every mesh of this type to be scaled (two cars with the same rims => all 8 rims will be scaled).