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# ErwinFenyvesi23 :

○ What's up my dudes ?

○ So , while the Supra is getting repainted , I finally decided to pull the trigger and get a Skyline ! As you can see in the photo from above , it's an R33 GTST , and that means that it has the RB25DET inside and it is RWD ! Anyway , here's some more pictures :

○ So , I found her at the local junkyard near me and I must say that she caught my eye instantly. There were lots of other awesome JDM cars that looked interesting , but I saw something really really sad there. A totaled R32 GT-R. I would've bought that one , but it was beyond repair. Oh well...

○ She looks quite good for a salvage title ! Also , these rims though ! They look sick !!!

○ So , she was bought back in 1994 and the odometer indicates 156900 km and it was raced on the track quite a lot ! Who knows what cool and interesting parts she has...

○ I don't want to get dirty with her just yet , because I'm gonna let the professionals take care of her. I can't wait for tomorrow morning 'cuz I'll drive down to Mackay's garage and let the guys over there do their thing. My plans for this thing would be to make it like the R32 that Mackay once owned ( it's now owned by Lagano ) , and I bet all of you know that that R32 is an absolute monster on the road. If I remember correctly it has over 600hp !

○ I'll post the spec list after the car is properly inspected.

○ I haven't decided what engine to go with , but I think I'll swap it to an RB26. I'll ask Mackay tomorrow , he knows everything about Skylines.

○ Here's a current pic of the engine bay :

○ So , the engine runs quite well , and revs very nice. Also , she sounds amaizing with that HKS muffler.

○ The interior is completely stock , which is not my cup of tea but oh well , we'll get there some day in the future...

○ Anyway , lets talk some numbers. I bought her for 7000V$ , which kinda leaves me with not a whole lot of money in my pocket. I'm afraid I'll have to sell something and I know exactly what... The S14. If any of you are interested in buying the S14 , feel free to make an offer ! If you want the full spec list check out some older posts. I'm sure you'll find everything you need to know there !

○ So , thats all for now , I'm really excited for this new project and I hope you guys are too !

○ I'll see y'all around !