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# radcoon : Ain't it tomorrow already? Hurry. We're stoked and high on expectations!

Aren't we all stoked!? I hope the car doesn't disappoint!

# MACKAY : Don't let us down, we are waiting with our fingers crossed, I can already imagine how cool it will look! :thumbsup:

Fingers crossed, c o o l s t y l e is expected!

# Soju : I love this type of old Civics! I used to drive my friend's EK9 before, and it was such a good experience!

Oh yeah the EK9 is a whole different car, in comparison this car is basically a shit box lol. I dream of owning an EK9 someday!



Today just can't get any better! Al dropped me off last night to pick the C-REX up. And I am just STUNNED at how much the V I B E of this car has changed! It feels like an instant level up in character! Total cost for this new look was 60,000 yen (V$600) for materials + labor!! SUPER WORTH THE MONEY IMO. Since there are no new specs to present (except the livery which automatically entitles an addition of 900hp), let me just get right down to business and leave you guys with a photo dump of C-REX's new (but far from final) form!

Shout-out to Al, the folks over at the Osaka Honda Community, those in the No Good Racing Family, and the Kanjo OGs! Also wanna thank VStanced Garage for meticulously handling the car! :thumbsup:

First time to see the car after all the covers have been taken off!

Al's EF9 x my EF8

Picked her up!

Of course I couldn't resist, perfect lighting inside VStanced Garage, perfectly lit night sky, nothing to do, plenty of time. Photoshoot!


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