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# radcoon : Man, still if I think about that day... I can't stop smiling. As you know I got lot's of love for that thing. Even for a Nissan ! :D
The Skyline looks sick. And everyone who visits Osaka should stop by MACKAY's garage. It is a great place, got great cars and all the guys are simply great.
What was the phone number of your front desk lady again? ;)

Hell yeah man! Also thanks for good words about my workshop and cars man, it really means a lot to me!
Ahh, I think you misunderstood that joke about "front desk lady" haha, it was friend of ours, get your ass over here and we will introduce you to her lol.

# Soju : I've been waiting for this so long. So nice collection of Nissans ! :)

And I am sure it was worth the wait, right? Thanks a lot Soju, you guys doing amazing job with Toyota in Korea too! :thumbsup:

# skip : Woah. Big update. Y'know, I was looking at that R34 GTR but then you bought it lol.

Mhm, never knew that, that might be true haha.

# Lagano : I also thought it was your GTR in the first pic! :P Well you got a ER34 with a GTR front end so how could i know? I didn't expect you would sell that S13... seeing it in person once, i can say that was a crazy time attack build with lots of potential but there is just so much competition! Hope that the guys in Russia make it even better. BMW is looking good too, even if Mercedes wheels might seem wrong to someone haha. Same goes for your ER34, but what's wrong on this one in my opinion is the rear bumper cause the front and sideskirts are way lower.

Yeah, I guess I tricked a lot of you guys haha. Eh, we did what we had to do, it was one hell of a car considering how much went into this car, but competing against others in such category is very hard, but I am sure we will come back stronger than ever someday again. Yeah, I know, but it looks good, ain't it haha, what a coincidence that I always put Mercedes wheels on wrong cars, if you remember or know my ex Altezza Gita, it was rolling on Benz wheels too lol. You are right, ER34 needs rear bumper ASAP but I haven't found anything I like, ( actually haven't really looked for one lol ), so you can say it is already on my to do list, next mod for sure. :rolleyes:

# 11000rpm : Nice updates as usual brah, lets do our tandem sesh again later this year!!!hahaha
And yes, I used to run HKS Hipermax coils then but changed into Stance XR1 coils with springs slightly cut :)

Deal! Can't wait till you come to Japan again haha. Now all I have to do is patiently wait and continue preparing my car for such activities lol.
Oh, alright, I missed that somehow, I guess I am going to stick with Hipermax ones for a while now, no need for expensive stuff right now. Also thaaks fam. :))

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Sick cars as always ! Seeing your R34s makes me go and buy one for myself! Maybe one day I'll own a super clean GT-R... Also , that S13 has some crazy ass aero on it ! I really love the look !

Thanks a lot man! Of course you will own it someday, it might take time, but I am sure you will manage it, or you can buy a GT one for decent price right now, but before going that way don't forget to contact me, I am always down to help while inspecting the car and so on, also I know some in and outs of those cars, so yeah. Thanks man!